Derrick T. Tuggle in the Lonely Boys Video by the Black Keys

Derrick T. Tuggle in The Black Keys Lonely Boy Video – An Inspiring Story Of Chasing Your Dream, Finding Where Preparation Meets Opportunity

There’s a new video out by the Black Keys called “Lonely Boy” that has been lighting up because of a previously unknown aspiring actor named Derrek T. Tuggle.

In this video, Tuggle shows off his smooth moves while lip syncing “Lonely Boy.”  If you haven’t seen it, take a look at Derrick’s moves…he combines a mix of The Carlton, John Travolta’s moves from Saturday Night Fever and Pulp Fiction, and a little bit of Michael Jackson thrown in for good measure.

What interested (and inspires) me is the way this video came to be, and the overnight exposure that Derrick received from this. But first, if you haven’t seen the video, here it is:

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The story behind this video is that it wasn’t supposed to turn out this way. Derrick was on the set as an extra, one of seven or eight people that were supposed to be in the video, along with the stars of the video The Black Keys.

The director noticed him dancing while waiting on the set, and asked him to perform. And perform he did, doing the entire video above in one take! After 10 years in Los Angeles pursuing his dream of acting and singing, and working as a security guard to support the pursuit of his dream, the 48 year old actor seems to have finally gotten his break.

Besides the huge amount of views on, he’s been interviewed on MTV, Ellen Degeneres, and more. There’s no telling where Derrick goes from here, but it looks like his hard work is finally paying off!

This story inspires me for so many reasons. I like to define luck as ‘when preparation meets opportunity.’ Many people might say Derrick was lucky, but I think he want through a long process to bring his own luck.

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Persevere in the pursuit of your dreams – How many people would chase their dreams for 10 years or more? How many people would stil be pursuing their dreams at the age of 48? I can imagine how many times he’s heard “why don’t you get a real job.” I admire, and am inspired by the fact that he never gave up on his dreams!

Prepare yourself and be prepared when the opportunity arrives – I can imaging this same scenario happening throughout time, except the “extras” are not prepared and the video goes on as planned. Derrick obviously spent years preparing for this, taking acting classes, practicing dancing and singing, doing impromptu performances…and he obviously was prepared for this day as well, because he knew the words to the song so that he could do a great lip sync! I wonder if the other extras on site knew the words, or were prepared to dance on the spur of the moment?

Put yourself in the game – There’s a saying, “You can’t win if you don’t play.” You have to put yourself in situations where your dream can become a reality! After 10 years, some might find it difficult to continue to go on casting calls to be an extra in a video. Derrick didn’t…he kept himself in the game, placing himself in a situation that presented this opportunity. Many people never give themselves a chance to make their dream a reality.

Seize the opportunity – When the opportunity presented itself, Derrick didn’t hesitate at all. He seized the moment, one that possibly had he waited a second more to make his decision, he might have missed. He was prepared and he jumped on his chance without hesitation.

Be willing to take risks – Following your dreams means you have to take some risks. Derrick no doubt has risked much to get to this point, and he also risked much with his performance. Many people might not have the confidence to do what he did. Maybe someone thinks they might not be a good dancer and would have declined the chance to perform. Derrick realized that you have to go for it, and he did!

Feed off of your momentum – After a big win, you’re on a momentum high. This is the time to press forward, ride your momentum to take you to even bigger places. After Derrick’s big break with this video, he’s on the talk show circuit, doing interviews, pressing forward so that his momentum can carry him forward.

This story is so inspiring and has so much for all of us to learn. Are you prepared to meet your opportunity?

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2 thoughts on “Derrick T. Tuggle in The Black Keys Lonely Boy Video – An Inspiring Story Of Chasing Your Dream, Finding Where Preparation Meets Opportunity

  1. Hi Tony,

    I love this kind of story. We read too many instant success stories these days without realizing that the universe takes many years to prepare people for their opportunity. Some thing many people would like to call luck.

    This performance makes many middle age people with a slight belly like me feel youthful, hopeful and inspired. Did you sense that energy radiating from that performance? This is something that is definitely not achievable by luck.

    Thanks for all the great lessons you have laid out for us using this performance as well.

    Living dreams and putting luck in its place is up to us.

    1. Hi Jimmy,

      Thanks for your comment! It’s so true, most people’s “luck” comes from years of preparation!

      I know what you mean about the slight belly hehe :) And yes, his energy is amazing and definitely comes across in this video!

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