Understanding the power of "no"

Understanding the Power of “No”

Understanding the power of "no"It’s one of the smallest words in our vocabulary, but how we use it has one of the biggest effects on our lives.  “No” is one of the hardest things for us to say.  We know we should.  We know it’s best if we do.  But we just can’t get ourselves to say it.  Why is it so hard to say “NO”? Continue reading

P90X Final 90 Day Results with Before and After Pictures and Measurements

Sometime around mid 2010, I came to the realization that I really wasn’t happy with how I looked or felt, and that in order to achieve my goals, I had to change this NOW.  I decided to achieve the level of success I wanted, fitness and nutrition would have to become a key part of my lifestyle.  I also decided that I would have to Look and Feel successful in order to Be Successful! Continue reading

P90X 60 Day Results with Before and After Pictures and Measurements

It’s been 60 days of working out with the P90X Home Fitness program, and I continue to be amazed that it’s possible to get such dramatic results in such a short time!  Up to this point, I haven’t missed a single workout, which means working out 6 days a week with an optional 7th day of either stretching or resting.  Most Sundays I do the stretch routine, which is about an hour and I’m always thankful after wards. Continue reading

P90X 30 Day Results with Before and After Pictures and Measurements

After 30 days of P90X and successfully making it through Phase 1, I’m amazed with the results so far, and feeling completely motivated to make it through to the end of the program.

As I promised earlier, I’m posting some pictures of my 30 day results, along with some basic stats to show the changes. Before I post my pictures, just a few words about the first 30 days. Continue reading

7 strategies for wealth and happiness by Jim Rohn

Book Review – 7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness, by Jim Rohn

I just finished reading 7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness, by Jim Rohn and I have to say it’s one of the best books about personal success that I’ve read.  I really recommend this book to anyone that is looking for ways to improve their lives.  It has so many great points, laid out in a way that anyone can understand and get excited about. Continue reading

From Night-owl to Early Bird – How I Became a Morning Person

I’ve struggled my entire life with waking up early.  No matter how hard I try to wake up early, I could never pull it off.  Sure, there are exceptions like when I was in school or when I had to get up early to go to work.  If I absolutely have to, I can manage to pull it off, but it’s been an ongoing struggle to do it with any kind of consistency. Continue reading

10 Ways to Manifest the Law of Attraction In Your Life

Do you believe in the Law of Attraction but find it difficult to apply consistently in your life?  Do you find that just when things are starting to go your way, something bad happens and everything falls apart?  As someone who’s studied the law of attraction, and has worked to apply it in my life for many, many years, I can tell you that it can be very challenging to apply to our lives consistently. Continue reading